A Heavy Thought #2

If you read my first Heavy Thought post, you know that I am doing this series to voice my opinion on things that I normally never get to discuss as a DJ. Today’s Heavy Thought is inspired by all the drama going on as a result of Donald Trump’s travel ban. I am not going to get into the politics of it. I am not going to argue about being Republican or Democrat because I don’t believe in shoving my opinions down people’s throats. And I am not going to get into the debate about immigrants because it’s not my field of expertise, I’m still shaping my views about things as I learn more. What I am going to address, though, is the contribution that people from other countries have made to American music. A travel ban affecting people from Muslim countries could stop us from ever seeing the next DJ Khaled. It might seem like a small thing… But is it really? Nobody can deny that our country is great because of the melting pot aspect of our culture. If we limit that we limit where we can go as a people, which means we are ultimately limiting ourselves. Just a thought.