I Listen To Everything!

Because I’m a DJ and I spin all kinds of music at events ranging from hip hop clubs to luxury weddings, most folks have no clue what I actually listen to in my free time. You might be surprised to know that I love throwback jams. It’s not that I don’t like popular music these days, too. Technology has given producers a way to innovate in ways they never could before. But throwback jams are just different level of fun for me. Been part of The Dj Firm, I get to play all kinds of music for all kinds of people, so I have to maintain my versatility. I take pride in the fact that I can spin anything from rap to reggae to rock. Expand your minds people! If you head over to The Dj Firm’s site, you can actually see an example of our versatility in the mixes we post. And feel free to enjoy those free downloads. You’re welcome.